BunduBeat is a monthly publication presented in a smart, glossy and
high-quality A4-format. The birth of this unique publication is the
brainchild of a dedicated group of like-minded people. Our highly
experienced editorial and production staff, experts within tourism,
hospitality, marketing, public relations and publishing ensures
originality in devising marketing concepts, trends and product

With editorial contributions from recognized authors and experts
within their respective fields, we have created a stylish and informed
magazine. In the fullness of time we hope the magazine will develop
and evolve to portray a truly African flavour and point-of view. To
this end we welcome your support, contributions and views.

To appeal to as wide an audience as possible, our editorial content is
wide-ranging encompassing all facets of life in the region, not just
travel and tourism, but also the subsidiary industries that support,
and are supported by it.

Initial circulation of 2000 copies strategically distributed at all
tourism and tourism-related outlets: travel lodges, travel agencies,
safaris companies, air charters and car hire companies.

Pre-production surveys show that, on average, for every magazine there
will be an additional 4 to 8 people who will get to read it - passed
on to other family members and friends.

If projected numbers are correct then we will increase the print run
accordingly and make the magazine available on a subscription basis.

The BunduBeat.com website, which is still under construction, is being
hosted in United Kingdom, is primarily targeted at the overseas
market. We already have access to a database of over 10 000 names
(mainly ex-Zimbabweans and ex-South Africans). An e-magazine will also
run parallel to the printed version and will be available on
e-subscription. Advertisers will automatically receive a complimentary
link to their own website.

If readers would like to submit their own articles and stories for
publication here are a few simple guidelines to follow:

Ideally submissions should run between 2 000 - 3 000 words. Don’t
forget to include a title, your name and contact information.

IMPORTANT - Although our editorial team will vet, proof and correct
grammar and punctuation, please check all spellings and the accuracy
of all submissions.

Please submit between 5 to 10 photos with complete captions. Pictures
need to be saved in high-quality 300dpi (RGB) JPEG format (don’t worry
if this sounds confusing, we can guide you through the process).

Submissions and Letters to The Editor should be marked for the
attention of The Editor and e-mailed to: 
bundubeat@zol.co.zw or editorial@bundubeat.com

The opinions expressed in this magazine do not necessarily reflect
those of the publisher. No part of this publication may be reproduced
without the written permission of the editor. The publishers accept no
responsibility for any errors, omissions or inaccuracies or their


Andy Fenwick

Zimbabwean born Andy Fenwick has, for the last twenty years, been involved in tourism, publishing, marketing and public relations and, like the rest of the BunduBeat team, has deep passion for anything pertaining to outdoor activities and particularly to wildlife conservation. Andy is a ‘go-ahead’ person who, whilst cherishing the lessons of the past, has mind open to new ideas and has the energy to pursue them.
Gordon Duncan

Fourth generation Zimbabwean who follows in his families footsteps as well as leaving his own in those wild and un-spoilt places of our home continent & by being involved and committed to conservation and community causes, adds a unique perspective to the flavour and content of BunduBeat by bringing a wealth of accumulated knowledge and experience as well as sharing the common passion we all have for the Bundu's Beat.
Kerrie Lee Scott

Born and bred African, with ten years experience in graphic design, magazine production and commercial desk top publishing as well as a love of life lived in the great outdoors, brings not only a great deal of expertise and creative genius to the team but also a vibrant passion dedicated to the theme that is BunduBeat.
Janet Fenwick

Pure Matabele girl - having lived all her life of leisure in Zimbabwe now dedicates her free-time to handling the administration side of BunduBeat. Always ready to put in her “five cents worth” she brings her own brand of humour to the campfire. Her input is greatly received, and she makes a fine cup of coffee. Likes alcoholic beverages, laughing and talking, also quite fond of her husband and children.... Loves guns and fishing (should be the name of a rock band!)  Put a fishing-rod in her hand, a drink in the
Janine Duncan
Like most Zimbabweans Janine has a love for the great outdoors. A bit of
an adrenalin junkie, she has done whitewater rafting on the Zambezi,
paragliding in Penalonga, zip-lining in the Drakensberg, and survived the
Anaconda roller-coaster in South Africa. Married with two children, Janine
and her husband, Ian, enjoy spending quality family time with their kids -
cycling, swimming, running, hiking, snorkelling and fishing. Janine’s
hobbies include photography, game viewing, bird watching (especially on
a houseboat at Kariba) and gardening. With over 20 years experience in
printing and publishing, with a Diploma in Design and Graphic Art, Janine
brings a wealth of knowledge to the BunduBeat team.